Update on the Entity Framework V2 in .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010

I have started talking to developers about what they can expect in Entity Framework V2 such as in my session at DevWeek 2009 (Check out the slides and links). Folks have liked what they have heard and are keen to get more detail. The good news is the development team have been busy posting updated information this week (May 11th and 12th 2009) about what we can expect to see in .NET 4.0.

Update on the Entity Framework in .NET 4 and Visual Studio 2010

  • “Since we shipped the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and Visual Studio 2008, we’ve been working on the next version of the Entity Framework.  During this release, we’ve been focused on 2 key areas:  1) enabling scenarios with the Entity Framework that ”
  •

Sneak Preview: Deferred Loading in Entity Framework 4.0

  • “After our first release, one of the common pieces of feedback we heard from you was that you would like to be able to get automatic deferred/lazy loading of related entities much like the support for deferred loading in LINQ to SQL. I am happy to say ”
  •

Sneak Preview: Model First in the Entity Framework 4.0

  • “An exciting new Entity Framework Designer feature in Visual Studio 2010 is the ability to generate DDL that will create a database that can store your entity data model. This feature is not only exciting because it brings a long overdue capability to ”
  •

Sneak Preview: Persistence Ignorance and POCO in Entity Framework 4.0

  • “In Entity Framework 3.5 (.NET 3.5 SP1), there are more than a few restrictions that were imposed on entity classes. Entity classes in EF needed to either be sub classes of EntityObject , or had to implement a set of interfaces we collectively refer to ”
  •

The beta of .NET 4.0 and therefore the beta of Entity Framework V2 is getting closer. I can’t wait 🙂

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