UK MSDN Flash Poll: As a developer, what do you think of IE 8?

I don’t do much web development these days (with the exception of when I am thinking about Windows Azure) and I certainly haven’t battled with complex html+JavaScript across multiple browsers for a long, long while. On the other hand, my colleague Mike Ormond is pretty immersed in such things and only today (29th April 2009) published a video on an Introduction to the IE8 Developer Tools and yesterday announced a competition for IE8 developers (Win an Xbox Elite + fame!).

I was curious (as was Mike) about what other developers think of IE8. Hence next Wednesdays Flash poll will be on just that - “What do you think of IE8?”

But before you look at the posts from Mike (what do you mean “too late I have”) you might want to sneak in your vote on the poll now.

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