Just back from holiday… and great “I’m a PC” adverts :-)

I spent last week enjoying the sun (and rain and wind and fog) in Yorkshire and managed to pretty much avoid email/work all week which was great. I did manage a little “evangelism” during the week though. My dad has an old compaq notebook which has been playing up for months. I decided to use Live Mesh to create a copy of his files and rebuild it using a Windows 7 Beta DVD I had handy. After sourcing just one driver from the hp site (for the wireless card) it is now running great and he is blown away by how Live Mesh is keeping his notebook and desktop in sync and he loves the Windows 7 improvements over Vista (Which never really worked well on the notebook). It was good to see a “end user” with a broad grin on their face because of the investments we are making.

Which leads me to the new UK adverts. If you need a reminder of just how good the humble PC is check out these which I stumbled upon this evening:

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