Feedback wanted on the February Microsoft UK training offer with InnerWorkings

Back in February 2009 I worked with Sarah Roxburgh in my team and InnerWorkings to deliver a great free training offer on .NET training to UK developers. The offer opened up a huge chunk of the InnerWorkings learning catalogue for free and for a limited time to UK developers. The InnerWorkings approach is unusual (unique?). It integrates into Visual Studio, sets you real programming challenges and then marks your attempts, with well written help and carefully selected links for when you get stuck. In other words, very different to a traditional class room format

We were blown away by the uptake. Over 7000 developers enrolled in the offer and I have been watching amazing amounts of activity take place over the subsequent weeks – with some developers completing over 60 programming tasks as of April 5th. However I have also noticed that lots of developers have taken very few tasks and some none. This is something I am keen to understand more.

We hope to deliver similar learning opportunities in the future and would welcome your feedback.  Please contact me or email Sarah Roxburgh  direct if you took advantage of this offer. We are also interested in what Microsoft technologies you plan to skill up on in the future. Thanks – and happy learning!

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