Windows 7 Beta Resources

Yesterday I mentioned I was one hour away from having the Windows 7 Beta. In the end it was 44 minutes (which makes me feel very lucky as I know some folks needed to restart the downloads several times). However “real life” has prevented me actually installing it yet. My first install will be a dual boot install on my primary notebook (A Lenovo T61P). Later on I will likely replace Vista 64bit on my secondary with Windows 7 Beta – but I am in no rush as I only recently went 64bit (more on that later). Early reports from colleagues are that this is a very “slick and quick install” and that Windows 7 is a “lean and cool” upgrade to Windows Vista.

I downloaded using an MSDN subscription but there will be a more widely available download later today (I will update this post with details).

The following should all prove useful if you are also taking the plunge with Windows 7.


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