I am 1 hour away from having the Windows 7 Beta :-)

The “network download gods” are being nice to me and I am 1 hour away from having the ISO of Windows 7 Beta from MSDN Subscriber Downloads (subscription required). It will be more generally available on the 9th if you do not have a subscription. Enjoy!


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  1. Jude_Perera says:

    pls tell me how to get this, Im new to this stuff ?

  2. Jude_Perera says:

    pls im not a subscriber, as i dont hav enough money to get it, where can i get this ?

  3. Ray Booysen says:

    wpjcp you have to wait until the 9th and it will be released

  4. Keith Patrick says:

    I tried installing the ISO last night. It rolled back with no explanation as to cause (not even in the Event Viewer), which is exactly what the non-WinUpdate download of Vista SP1 did on my machine as well.

    I really, really wish MS would go back to the less-Apple-like way of providing very descriptive error messages so that I have some chance to resolve the issue. I’m gonna try again tonight, but I’m reduced to trying spaghetti-on-the-wall solutions absent an error message.

  5. jim says:

    wpjcp, PC World are giving it away, but you have to ask for their ‘under the counter’ stuff and wink twice.

  6. Peter Ibbotson says:

    Keep an eye on as the downloads seem to be a bit flaky today.

  7. Tim says:

    From time to time I wonder why clicking on this blog (from a regular web browser) produces a dialog advising that “this sample requires VS2005”.  The second attempt usually works.

    MFTM is up to its merry tricks again, hereabouts.  I’ll wait for the DVD (or did I in a moment of madness tell MSDN I’d be happy with downloads from hereonin.  

    And what does this augur for the cloud, one wonders?

  8. Brian says:

    You’re lucky Eric, I started my MSDN download a few hours ago, left it runnng as I went for my dinner and it was "interupted" at 9% and wont go anywhere since. Think I’ll have to restart this length affair.

  9. A little ahead of you! Just trying to free up some space for a dual boot installation! 😉

  10. Mark Rendle says:

    The install over Vista SP1 did something nasty to Outlook and stopped it connecting to Exchange over http.

    The clean install is lovely, and is happily running Office 2007, plus a full VSTS 2008/SQL 2005 Express install with no problems so far. It’s also very quick. I am impressed.

  11. Jude_Perera says:

    thanx guys, guess hav 2 wait :-),  Wheres PC world download location jim?

  12. Yesterday I mentioned I was one hour away from having the Windows 7 Beta . In the end it was 44 minutes

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