Happy 2009! (and a spot of retail therapy)

Hi all, I am just back from two weeks holiday. My spirits are high. I am looking forward to getting stuck into lots of new projects and ideas for 2009. There is oodles of technology to play with. I have some great chrimbo presents that still need my attention such as Quake Wars on Xbox 360, a very tempting bottle of Whisky and a model aircraft kit which came pre-painted albeit without glue. Even the kids are behaving.

Then my wife (bless her) shoved the newspaper in front of me with “What does that mean?” – pointing at this little article.

I did not panic. I did not update the CV. I did the only sensible thing – I ordered BioShock from Steam for the ridiculous price of £3.49!!!

P.S.  I noticed you can get Quake Wars for £8.99 and £1.99 on Xbox and PC respectively.

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