UK developer events for first part of 2009 – registration open

We have been busy over the last few weeks looking at our schedule of events for early 2009.

  • In February we will be delivering half day MSDN events at  four locations covering Silverlight and WPF “from scratch” (Three locations published at time of writing and accepting registrations). Currently I am not needed for these 🙁 Anybody need an out of work evangelist in Feb? 🙂
  • In March we will be delivering a full day on Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 at the Microsoft Professional Developers’ Day (#PDD on twitter) for which we now have a full agenda and confirmed speakers. Note - this is a paid for event.
  • In March we will also be delivering eight different sessions as part of DevWeek and we will also will have pods showing cool stuff.
  • In April we will be busy with the MSDN Roadshow, delivering full day sessions in several locations on the latest technologies from Microsoft. We still need to decide exactly what and where.
Comments (3)

  1. Alberto says:

    I couldn’t find all the event.

    Do you have any direct registration link to the Silverlight and WPF “from scratch” and Roadshow?


  2. They are called "Catch Up with Microsoft Rich Client Technologies for 2008". Click on the "four locations" link

  3. Alberto says:

    Catch Up with Microsoft Rich Client Technologies for 2008 it is.

    what about Roadshow, is the reg opne for that ?

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