Say hi at DDD7 if you see me (and a piccy of me!)

Saturday 22nd is DDD7 day in Reading – and I will be there in my official capacity as “the Microsoft person” – which is great as I missed out on registering in my capacity as “a dev in the UK who wants to learn from smart folks”. I would love to chat with:

  • Anyone who knows me 🙂
  • Anyone who doesn’t 🙂
  • Folks with feedback on the MSDN Flash which I edit
  • Folks looking to share war stories on VB6 and the move to .NET
  • Folks who think Visual Basic 2008 rocks

I suspect my first session will be TDD and Hard-To-Test Code by Ian Cooper

And in case you were wondering – this is me. I think I still have that shirt somewhere – I may dig it out. The glasses have changed though 🙂


P.S. At least you now know who to avoid.

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