Didn’t we do well! (That would be developers in the UK at PDC08)

Have you got 6 minutes to spare? Then read on…

The UK (and the work of my group) was very well represented at PDC08 in the Keynotes. I was just watching the Day2 1st Keynote with Scott Guthrie. Move to 94minutes in and you will see Nick Lansley of Tesco.com blowing your mind away with “Tesco meets Minority Report”. This is a PoC using Windows Presentation Foundation and multi-touch. It starts with a computer version of a cork board and builds from there. I particularly loved the scanning of the coke can with a webcam to order some more! Interestingly they will also be publishing an API for 3rd parties to develop against. The whole demo – 6 minutes. Enjoy!


Have you got another 6 minutes to spare? Read on…

But it doesn’t stop there. Stick with the keynote (or move to Day2 1st Keynote - 126mins in) and you will see the  BBC iPlayer POC. This is a Silverlight and Silverlight for Mobile application running inside Live Mesh to take advantage of online and offline social synchronisation scenarios . Marc (who happens to be my new boss) was closely involved in this POC and has written up some background.

Still want more?

A colleague has also pointed me at at the Day 1 Keynote which I haven’t yet got round to. BlueHoo is a mobile social media application built in Silverlight and Windows Mobile taking advantage of Windows Azure. Check it out in the Keynote Day 1 - 39mins in 

It was great to see the UK developers represented three times across the keynotes on day one and day two. We should all feel very proud 🙂

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  1. We should be very proud and the UK should stake its claim as global innovation center for planet Earth.

    I’m always gobsmacked we dont have a big VC community in the country that time and time again leads the world in innovation.

    Just think what we could achieve with better Government and VC support.

    UK – Innovation Capital of the World!

    PS.  Download Bluehoo now! 😉

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