VB6 Applications – I’m taking a fresh look at this area on Goto100

Over on http://blogs.msdn.com/goto100 I will be taking a fresh look over the next few weeks at the question “What should we do with our VB6 applications?”

I plan to explore the options, tools and resources available. You should expect few new “pearls of wisdom” (as this is a well travelled subject!) but hopefully this will prove timely as many of you are once again asking us for help and guidance in this area.

My first two posts are:

  • A  single question poll to help us understand the current situation in a bit more depth. It would be great if you could complete it (less than 1 minute!) even if you don’t have any VB6 anymore. Thanks.
  • A swift discussion of the four options: Rewrite vs Migrate vs Reuse vs Replace
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  1. mjuras says:

    I have seen the graph of code quality versus business value as a means of selecting from Rewrite vs Migrate vs Reuse vs Replace.  It makes sense, but the decision process is much more complex. Business value and code quality tend to be hard to measure/agree on and different sections of a system often end up on different quadrants of the matrix.  The value-quality perspective also does not account for resource factors like budget, time, and team skills.  The real world is more interesting.

    For large systems (>250KLOC) we find that the smart money is on a custom tool-assisted rewrite that balances automated transformation with manual development.  In order to achieve this balance one needs translation tools that can be customized to produce codes that fit both the nuances of the source code and the requirements of the target architecture. If the team makes the investment in the target design and in a custom-tuned automated conversion process they will reduce the cost, risk, and disruption of migration and end up in a place that has good TCO going forward.

  2. Thanks Mark for your contribution. I hadn’t come across your company before http://www.greatmigrations.com/.

    I would be interested in hearing more about your ASP code migration capabilities. Our "own" tool only does ASP to ASP.NET 1.1.

  3. Mark says:

    Our ASP capability is not as mature as what we can do for VB6 but it is still pretty good (and improving)

    We target ASP.NET 2.0 with VBScript going to VBNET or C#; by default we convert #includes into Web UserControls; we can configure the tool to migrate calls to COM components into calls to .NET components; and by default we produce a web application project file to tie it all together.  The toolset is designed for migrating large sites with in-house VB6 COM components and dependent pages migrating together.  

    I would be more than happy to demonstrate how our technology works.  Use the info request on the site to contact me.

  4. Brian says:

    In VB6 poll you left out the most important category:

    VB6 projects have already been exterminated with extreme prejudice

    (to c#!)

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