Just back from holiday … and PDC session #1 = Babysmash

I had a great week rebuilding the bank of a stream, watching the neighbour butcher a deer in his garden and learning what it feels like to be out walked by my 16 year old son up a mountain (which he called a hill!).

A holiday was my way of handling missing out this year on attending the PDC. Now I am back I am super excited (no really – I am!) to see that all the PDC sessions are ready and waiting to be watched or downloaded (although the downloads are rather large!). Trick is …where to start. The obvious would be the keynotes but over the years I have attended many bad keynotes, hence I think they can wait until I hear some good recommendations. I ultimately settled on something light and fun to watch – Scott on the development of Babysmash using .NET 3.5/4.0 and spanning just about every one of our technologies – from WPF to MVC to Surface to Mobile to Parallel! Awesome.

Oh – and my Inbox is overflowing including lots of emails from readers of the Flash and my blog. I should get through them all by COB Monday – fingers X’d.

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