A new logo for .NET – hmmmm

While on holiday they have changed the logo for .NET. That means a whole new bunch of business cards 🙂 (Or maybe not – as I always forget to carry them with me).

What do you think? Looks like the “wave” is meant to be a N to me.

The old logo:

The new logo:


Comments (4)

  1. Kris says:

    I prefer the new one. The previous one reminds me so much of 2001 when I started looking at .NET. The new one is in tune with times but then again should they have gone with a green color, which is so much a fad nowadays 😉

  2. Lorenzo Jimenez says:

    Same colors as Silverlight, maybe MS want to standarize the colors of all development products

  3. int19h says:

    The old logo is actually in line with the original Win2K logo – both color palette and the font.

    The new one is definitely nicer, though.

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