MSDN Flash Poll: Will you take a dependency on 3rd party controls or libraries?

We seem to have a small hiccup with the polling software we normally use in the UK MSDN Flash. Zoho polls to the rescue…

I am interested in whether you will happily take a dependency on software developed by a company other than Microsoft as part of your application – whether that be visual controls, compression libraries, ftp libraries or full blown business frameworks.

P.S. I am on leave next week, hence I’m putting this poll up ahead of the Flash going out on the 29th.

Comments (4)

  1. realparadyne says:

    Voted for Yes – Incl. commercial.  But really wanted an option for Yes, if we really truly can’t avoid it and then only if it’s royalty free (one time cost).

  2. Daniel Smith says:

    It’s always facinating seeing the results of these polls.

    Did you ever manage to recover the results of the "source control system" poll that went missing?  If not, could the poll be posted again?

  3. James Horsley says:

    I love to see MS using ZOHO polls! Now if you’d just like to try Writer/Sheet/Show etc etc you could save yourself the effort of Azure

  4. Richard says:

    Tried to vote for "Yes – including commercial software", but the poll doesn’t work in Firefox:

    "Cookie seems to be disabled in your browser.nKindly enable it, reload the page and try voting."

    Cookies are enabled, BTW.

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