Entity Framework mapping scenarios

One thing I like to get across when I talk about the ADO.NET Entity Framework is that in V1 the Designer does not support all the capabilities of the underlying Entity Data Model (EDM) – and hence you will sometimes need to “roll up your sleeves” and start editing the underlying XML files (CSDL, MSL, SSDL) that make up an EDM. There is a document which will help if you find yourself needing to do this - Entity Framework Supported Mapping Scenarios.

This white paper enumerates the supported mapping scenarios in Entity Framework. It also mentions important design considerations for store schema in order to deal with advanced mapping scenarios.

The paper covers off a variety of mapping scenarios:

  • Simple
  • Vertical splitting
  • Horizontal splitting
  • All the associations (1-1 to *-*)
  • Abstract types
  • Inheritance (TPH, TPT, TPCC)
  • Complex types

NB: It does pre-date the final release of the Entity Framework, hence watch out for tiny changes.

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