A new version of Hard Rock Memorabilia – and my new favourite zoom

Last Friday we did a re-run of the MSDN Roadshow in London and MikeT covered off Silverlight, including a demo of deep zoom using the Hardrock site. I hadn’t realised the site had recently been updated to include over 500 items – but what I liked was the particular zoom Mike used. Start with the…


A new logo for .NET – hmmmm

While on holiday they have changed the logo for .NET. That means a whole new bunch of business cards 🙂 (Or maybe not – as I always forget to carry them with me). What do you think? Looks like the “wave” is meant to be a N to me. The old logo: The new logo:


WPF Performance issues? Then maybe this tool can help…

I am seeing more interest in building richer UX in WPF of late which is great. Since WPF is very powerful and very flexible, we are beginning to see developers hit UX performance issues as they build increasingly rich and exciting UI. The good news is we have a new release of our Performance Profiling…


WPF Datagrid is now available

I have been following the arrival of the Microsoft Datagrid for WPF for sometime (my interest driven by the number of times I get asked about it!). I am pleased to say that this week we released v1 of the Datagrid over at http://www.codeplex.com/wpf along with some other new “bits” in release or preview form. …


.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and 4.0 Poster Available

We have released a nice summary of what we added/changed in 3.5 SP1 and what 4.0 will bring. This is available as a download and as a deepzoom.


Just back from holiday … and PDC session #1 = Babysmash

I had a great week rebuilding the bank of a stream, watching the neighbour butcher a deer in his garden and learning what it feels like to be out walked by my 16 year old son up a mountain (which he called a hill!). A holiday was my way of handling missing out this year…


ZoomIt from Sysinternals

I have been using ZoomIt during my recent spate of MSDN events to magnify and draw on the screen. It works great – and many of you have dropped me an email asking what tool I have been using. Enjoy!


MSDN Flash Poll: Will you take a dependency on 3rd party controls or libraries?

We seem to have a small hiccup with the polling software we normally use in the UK MSDN Flash. Zoho polls to the rescue… I am interested in whether you will happily take a dependency on software developed by a company other than Microsoft as part of your application – whether that be visual controls,…


Last of our MSDN events this week – and http://blogs.msdn.com/ukdevevents/

We have our last of our current batch of MSDN events this week and I have just been working out what that actually means in terms of travel. It starts out well then goes a little downhill at the end. Wednesday I only have to drive 20minutes to a venue near Bristol and I get…


Do you fancy a development job with Microsoft in Dublin?

EDIT: ONLY contact me direct if you already know me. Otherwise just apply through the site. Thanks all.  Hey, we have job vacancies, lots of them! Better still… they are in Dublin which is an awesome place to work. Vacancies span right through from Development Manager to Tester roles and cover a  variety of projects – mobile…