.NET Developer Network in Bristol – Oct 13th additional session

I finally managed to get along to my local user group last week and had a great time. Whilst it meets 10 miles from my home, I seem to rarely be 10miles from them when the actual date comes around. It was good to chat with Guy who runs it and many of the folks attending about a variety of topics.  The next scheduled session is October 16th – and guess what, I am in Edinburgh 🙁 However, along came an email today from Guy with details of an additional session on the 13th which looked rather good – yippeeeee! Except, I am in Birmingham – boooo.

I would definitely recommend you check out these folks if you live in the Bristol/Bath area. The upcoming sessions are (in the words of Guy and Chris):

October 13th

Oren Eini is in the UK for two weeks and he is taking time out to come down to Bristol and talk to us on Monday 13th October 2008. Oren is the author of Rhino Mocks, a major contributor to the Castle Project and NHibernate and an international speaker. He will be presenting two subjects: "Producing Production Quality Software" and "Interaction based testing with Rhino Mocks". This is a great and rare opportunity which is why we have seized it. In addition Chris Myhill will be giving a grok talk on jQuery which is especially relevant now that Microsoft has announced that it will be included with all Visual Studio releases from here on (including ASP.NET MVC). To sign up for this event quote the "October Extra Meeting With Oren Eini".

October 16th

Our first ever meeting on a Thursday (16th October 2008) sees Liam Westley presenting "Virtualisation for developers – What, Why, Where?". Virtualisation is a valuable tool in the development process and Liam will be covering all of the options (as well as what you can get for free). In addition we will have a grok talk from Steve Sanderson entitled "Writing About ASP.NET MVC" where he will talk about his experience of writing his soon-to-be-released book on, well, ASP.NET MVC. To sign up for this event quote the "October Meeting With Liam Westley".

Information about how you can sign up can be found at http://www.dotnetdevnet.com