ADO.NET Entity Framework and large databases – fine with 400 tables/views?

I keep talking about Entity Framework and I keep getting asked about large databases. I have a stock answer based on work by an early adopter and some other stuff – but I kept meaning to try this out myself.

I was about to give it a whirl when I decided to do a quick search (as TBH I am pressed for time today) and came back with this post from Julie – which  pretty much matches the limited testing I was about to try.

  • Julie tested the design tool with 400 tables and views
  • Model generation < 1 min
  • Save < 1 min
  • And Julie rightly points out that the designer is not the answer to everything – and XML editing may still be needed.
  • I would also recommend you read through her post to some first hand experiences of 1000 tables and also discusses the “one EDM” vs "many EDMs” briefly.

Thanks Julie.  Now what should I do with my free hour 🙂

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