Microsoft Professional Developers Conference in October – will you be there?

I just spotted that my colleague MikeT kicked off a “Are you a UK person heading to PDC” thread on Channel9. I would be amazed if (at the time of writing) there are only 6 or so of you going 🙂 Go on, take a minute to add yourself.

PDCs are great fun, packed with information and ultimately help developers make the most of the latest technology whilst also preparing for the future. Tim Sneath from Corp (ex UK) summarises what will be covered quite nicely but for more detail check out or check out the Countdown videos over at 

And (if like me – sob) you really can not attend, do not panic. You will be missing out on the pre-con, networking, a chance to stump MS product groups with questions BUT you won’t miss out on the sessions themselves.

All of our sessions will be online, free, and available to anyone and everyone.  Keynotes will be streamed live, and breakout sessions will be available in 24 hours or less each day! I will (hopefully) be sitting in front of my computer with popcorn that week 🙂

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