Should we do a regular podcast?

Just about to go to sleep – but wanted to throw out something I have been pondering on. Should we as a team create a regular weekly podcast?

The facts are:

  • As a team we screencast, blog, do events etc
  • As a team we do not podcast
  • I work with some very smart .NET devs who can be very articulate in talking about .NET development over a beer
  • Podcasts if they are done well are great for folks like me who commute long distances
  • Podcasts can easily be bad, very bad
  • There are very few UK .NET podcasters (At least I know of very few)

Should we give it a go? With a nice unique UK feel 🙂

Comments (8)

  1. Yes, please podcast. The quality has to be good – and not just the content, the audio quality has to be good too. There is nothing worse than trying to listen to a podcast with a constant high pitched hiss or buzzing sound through it.

  2. Yes, absolutely! Keep it short and focused (I like .Net Rocks but the 10 minutes of waffle at the beginning is annoying). Also, don’t be afraid to go deep – many podcasts don’t because they fear they will lose their audience without pictures. We can follow along – go on, give it a try.

  3. Ian Nelson says:

    Sounds like a good idea to me!

  4. lap says:

    Keep it short.  Keep it focused.  Know your audience.  Don’t copy an existing podcast (eg .net rocks) format or content for the sake of recreating a UK version.  Pick what your podcast is about and stick to it every week. The audience will be lower but the usefulness will be greater.  Don’t be afraid to skip a show if the content is not up to scratch, don’t fill the air (or space on my MP3 player) with noise.

  5. Joel Rees says:

    Yes. Something to listen to while Visual Studio is closing down!

  6. Thanks guys – I’m thinking a "content heavy", short 20 to 30min podcast where 2 of us chat/interview each other about the latest technologies and what we think about them – the good, the bad, where we think they fit etc. So (for Joel!) a little longer than VS closing down 🙂 Pilot this format and then tweak based on feedback.

  7. Eric, I think this is a great idea – I listen to a number of .NET podcasts, but sometimes find the US-centric nature of them a bit grating sometimes…

    I’d like it to include a mix of both existing and emerging technologies, if possible.

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