Is it time I went 64bit Vista?

My notebook (a rather nice Compaq nc8430) is in need of a major cleanup. Over the last 6 months I have installed many Beta (and Alpha) bits of software. Hence it has the odd “issue” 🙂

We are about to enter a “most has RTM’d moment”:

Which means I fancy doing a complete rebuild. However – is it time I switched to 64bit? Several of my colleagues have and after initial hiccups consider it a solid and viable option. They are not alone.

Hmmm… it certainly feels like that moment has come. But… still means a day of my life to get it all back up and I am holiday next week. Maybe later 🙂

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  1. David Hearn says:

    Have they fixed the issue that you apparently can’t use the Locals window when debugging in Visual Studio 2008 under 64bit Windows?


    “Visual Studio 2008 Readme Locals window does not work on the 64-bit version of Windows Vista.

    The Locals window is not visible in Visual Studio 2008 when it is running on the 64-bit version of Windows Vista.

    To resolve this issue:

    No workaround is available.”

  2. Alastair Upton says:

    The Visual Studio 2008 locals window issue does not seem to arise with SP1 beta installed. I encouraged members of my team to bite the bullet about six months ago. We have had a couple of expletives and an hour here and there to resolve an issue (the delights of WOW6432Node spring to mind). It’s a little like the immersion technique for learning a new language – you gain insight much more quickly by being in it every day. There will probably be days when you you wish you had translated ‘Don’t turn left or you will be in the duck pond’ a little bit quicker! Of course, you may have a business case for getting a new Centrino 2 laptop with 8GB memory so that you can take advantage of it with a few VMs ;-).

  3. Quango says:

    Been using 64-bit Vista with VS2008 since November 2008 and pretty happy with it. Something in the tcpip stack kills my router over VPN but that’s the only issue and it is probably the router’s fault.

    The key of course is driver availability – I’d strongly suggest getting a new (bigger, of course) HDD and installing on there as a test first – then if it all goes wrong you just put the old HDD back.

    I’d also suggest *at* least 4GB ram for all that (especially on a laptop) if it’s possible.. SQL + VS is a heavy workload and I know you MS types use VirtualPC alot for demos too.

  4. Thanks all for the feedback – much appreciated. Oh – and hi there Alastair, good to hear from you and thanks for sharing about the locals issue.

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