The best feature in SQL Server 2008 – sqlps.exe?

I am beginning to think it could be humble sqlps.exe. SQL Server 2008 includes powershell support – it is very, very nice. I have barely scraped the surface of sqlps but I know it is a feature that needs to be more widely talked about. You can launch from the GUI by right clicking on an object and sqlps will start at just the right spot.

How about a dir of my databases:


Or even better – a dir of the parameters of a stored procedure:


To find out more you can check out the PowerShell Overview or Dan of the SQL team has a 50minute TechEd video covering it off rather nicely (skip the first 20minutes if you are already familiar with Powershell)

There is also a detailed explanation of why the team went for a mini-ps approach. Well worth a read.

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