The "reddit effect”

Yesterday I posted on Developer vs “the others”.I started to notice lots of comments coming in and then a serious number of page views - probably 10 times my norm.

The reason was it ended up on reddit. This was all rather fascinating for me – I have never been on reddit before…

It is not my usual type of post. It is a post I have been meaning to do for a while and realised it would be something quite different for this 4 year old blog. It was an exercise to see what would happen next if I did it.

What did I learn? The impact of reddit (or any of those similar sites) is you suddenly get a lot of folks turn up on your blog who will literally read just that one post (I tend to read other stuff by the author – but maybe that is just me). They then can draw a huge number of conclusions about you as an individual from that one post. Impressive. Some can do this just by reading other peoples comments about you – without even reading your post. Very impressive.

I am therefore (in no particular order") – a “useless developer”, “have a heck of chip on my shoulder”, “loser, self centered donothing”, “suck”, “smug and arrogant” 🙂 (Ho hum – it is my review next week)

I learnt a lot about how a post like this would be perceived. Very useful.

Finally a few comments:

  • The post is absolutely developer biased. Totally, utterly. That was the intention. I was firmly looking at how it appears from the eye of a developer.

  • I wanted to draw attention to some of the problems I see developers have to face day in day out.

  • I absolutely was not talking about the relationship with end users. This was about the internal relationship within software companies.

  • I do not think developers are always right, can work in isolation or that “the others” serve no purpose. I have been one of “the others” in the past.

  • It is not a dig at Microsoft. Sure I see some of the stuff I talked about in parts of Microsoft (and completely absent in other areas) but it is driven by my work with many software companies over the last 12 years.

  • With hindsight I should have given more context to the type of companies I was thinking of – namely Independent Software Vendors where the company is about producing software for external organisations to use. Some of the comments back were assuming I was talking more broadly.

Comments (3)

  1. Portella says:

    Hehe, it was a post made for a storm no wonderr you had more people coming in.

  2. Carl Clarke says:

    I ‘reddit’ and it felt very familiar to me having experienced many aspects of article in my 19 years as a developer (with various grand job titles).

    I did not feel a need to post any comment because I largely agreed with it. I forwarded it to some colleagues who also nodded with approval. So, I think the interesting statistic would be how many reads you had who did not comment. I think it would be fairly safe to assume that a high percentage of those were approvals like mine…

    Terms like “useless [insert role here]”, “have a heck of chip on my shoulder”, “loser, self centered donothing”, “suck”, “smug and arrogant” remind me so much of the ‘others’ who usually just have more finesse in the way that they present these attributes ;-).

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