Is this really me?

You may have spotted that the others in my team have caricatures – well, mine just landed in my Inbox. Cripes – is that really me? I look so … geeky 🙂



Comments (7)

  1. That’s a fairly cool looking charicature… for a Geek 😉

  2. Portella says:


    well having seen you in real life (nxtgen ug fest08) i can say that it looks like you at least.

  3. Nothing like you mate – no grey hairs, no deep skin creases, no dark rings under the eyes from late night gaming… and i bet you wish your shoulders were that broad 😉  Other than that… spot on!

  4. Hey Richard matey – just checked and still no grey hairs. You got any brown ones left? 🙂

  5. You and BillG look like you were separated at birth…

  6. Portella says:

    James Coulter

    That what they do in microsoft they refactor everything as bob the builder say “use, reuse and recycle!”.

    Even the charicature. with bill going on to spend large amounts of money on good causes they thought that they could reuse the image for eric.

  7. John Oliver ( VSIP & former UK MSP ) says:


    Does the same person draw all the "BLOG" caricatures?

    Anyway I think Ed Dunhill has a similar pair of glasses.

    You all been to SpecSavers? Only kidding. 🙂



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