Vista and CHM issues

Every so often I open a CHM and I get the table of contents but no actual contents. I have looked before for the answer, found it, remembered it for a few weeks – then forgotten all about it again.

Maybe if I actually write it down, I won’t forget again (I learn best by writing). The problem is Vista tracks if the file came from another computer (which is a good thing for it to do), marks it as such and “blocks it”. If you go into properties you can unblock it.

An example:


The solution:


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  1. Dave Fullard says:

    This really annoyed me at times – I used to forget with .zip files, and it’d take forever to extract them!

    If you want to, you can actually disable this either for all files or specific file types using the group policy editor (gpedit.msc). The relevent section is in User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Attachment Manager.

    To prevent the blocking of all file types you can either enable the “Do not preserve zone information in File Attachments”; or for a specific file, enable the policy “Inclusion list for low file types” and add the .chm extension to the list of files.

    I think you’ll either need to log off and log back on again, or recycle the policy (gpupdate /force) for the change to take effect.

    Of course, you may consider this too risky…but I’ve got to admit that as it’s only me on my machine, and I knew the source I was getting files from, I’d rather disable the policy than spend half an hour waiting for a .zip to extract or forgetting to unblock a .chm!

  2. Thanks Dave for the detail – much appreciated.

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