I am installing SQL Server 2008 – not that I planned to :-)

I am looking at the list of things I planned to do today. It does not say “Install SQL Server 2008 RC0”. Yet here I am at 7pm still playing around with SQL Server.

It went roughly like this.

  • My notebook was only running SQL Server 2005 Express SP2
  • Microsoft mandated that I applied a security patch a week or so back (I guess to protect Northwind!)
  • Yesterday it tried to apply the patch
  • Today it tried another 8 times
  • By this point SQL Server 2005 Express no longer run.
  • I went to VPN in and – failed the security check as I did not have a mandatory fix applied (see above)
  • Hmmmm….
  • I tried a few things
  • Hmmmm
  • I uninstalled Express
  • I downloaded SQL Server 2008 Express RC0 (about 100MB)
  • It installed – yey!
  • It run – yey!
  • I couldn’t connect to it with SQL Server Management Studio Express
  • I couldn’t find a 2008 version to download
  • I uninstalled Express
  • I went to SQL 2008 on Connect
  • I have kicked off a download of a full version of SQL Server 2008 RC0
  • I may have it all working again by 9pm this eve 🙂


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