Which UK Developer Bloggers do you read regularly?

Over the last two weeks I have built up an impressive FeedDemon collection of top notch bloggers on Microsoft development technology (which is pretty much making my head explode). I have been surprised to find that I have added very few UK based folks to my collection. Surely this just means I haven't looked hard enough yet!!! I would love recommendations (if you have a spare minute to share). I will collate here - but also will try and get something into an upcoming MSDN Flash (which reminds me, I'm away start of next week, therefore I best write the next Flash this week).

UK Dev Bloggers I regularly read are:

Which is a terribly short list. I have others on my list which do some great stuff  (Richard, Guy, Ian etc) - but I am after folks who:

  • Dig Deep or Think Deep AND
  • Blog in detail about the above AND
  • Blog often

Oh - and don't be shy to mention yourself!

Comments (3)

  1. Tim Anderson says:


    Not sure if I meet your criteria, but I am in the UK and my blog is here:



  2. Hugh Mullally says:

    Hi Eric

    I’ve been doing some work with Integration Services recently, and found Jamie Thomsons blog to be very useful…


    Good Luck in your new career!


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