Ron Jacobs is back on Channel 9 –

Ron was the great host of ArCast.TV for many years but he (like myself) has switched role and elected to return to Visual Studio and late nights getting code to run 🙂 Ron switched to be a technology evangelist like myself - but with a specific focus on WCF an WF. I was wondering how long it would be before he was doing his thing with the camera again. July arrives and he is back on Channel 9 with The Total Noobs Guide to WCF as part of This coincides with a new cross team blog just focused on WCF and WF (long overdue?).

The approach he used in his video on WCF is interestingly different to the "norm" - he expects (dare I say demands) that you pause the video and play in Visual Studio for a while before continuing. This is actually what I prefer to do when watching videos - but the extra "prod" worked great for me. What do you think? it is relevant to me as I need to start creating screencasts as part of my new role - and this format appealed (although without my piccy top right!) - The Total Noobs Guide to WCF - Lesson 1: My First WCF Service

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