Still confused by Data Mining? (I know I am)

Which is why I thought I would point you at this great video resource. You may well get to use it before I do (I think I have my hands full learning to code again - but I have started to skim them).

These sessions were presented to 20 Countries across the EMEA region and the presenter got some great scores (Watch him carefully - he can smile for a full day!)

Data Mining and Business Intelligence for Enterprises:

Links to Session Videos:

Comments (2)

  1. Kris says:

    I have a fair bit idea of what it is. But I was confused about the title – cause I watched it to see if it is being leveraged in an IT scenario (say security analysis – looking thru event logs, IIS logs) and things like that. But the scenarios that are being talked about is the regular credit card misuse. So I am confused about what “IT systems” mean in the title.

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