Oh blimey – is this me?

Some great piccies form Fest08 are up on flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/blowdart/sets/72157605564840345/ (thanks)

I am in far too many as I gave out awards. I need to get the chin removed, the tummy tucked and change my barber – which has been my wife for the last year 🙂 (and she is a Chartered Surveyor!)


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  1. Portella says:

    Hi eric, nice to see that you are coming back to coding, it must be fun time for you to implement all those ideas that you have for so long belived in.

    I was there in FEST08 and your idea of picking up the banner/torch for visual basic developer is great. hopefully you will be in for front of revolution where it doesnt matter what language you use after all all get compiled to the same IL.

    I am for one who will be watching this space.

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