Maybe see you at Software Architect 2008?

PortraitThis week I am presenting at Software Architect 2008 on the Wednesday. I really enjoyed presenting/attending this conference last year and I am looking forward to spending most of the next 3 days at the conference. If you should see me around, do say hi. I do look like this - I still have this shirt 3 years on 🙂

My session is really "two for the price of one" - or at least that is the plan. A lot of the slides/narrative is about "Does Architecture Really Help?" but I am interspersing this with some demos of beta technologies from Microsoft which have the potential to make a significant impact on application architecture over the coming year or two. That is  - assuming I can get them to work as they are a little fragile right now:-)

Full session description and my slides:

Does Architecture Really Help?
Eric Nelson
Building an application is not simple. Building an application turns out to be actually rather hard. Which is odd – as each year we get better languages, better tools, better databases and better resources. Yet still applications are really hard to build. This session will explore the reasons behind this and examine such questions as “Is choice a good thing?”, “Is there a perfect architecture”, “Does architecture matter?” and “What are we trying to solve with architecture?”. To help make the discussion concrete and relevant, we will drill into the impact of specific Microsoft technology releases on the quest for a great application and a great architecture – by looking at technologies which span 10 years! From the arrival of MTS and ASP to the most recent releases of ADO.NET Data Services, ADO.NET Sync Services and Silverlight. It should be fun!

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  1. This week I presented at Software Architect 2008 and I promised to share relevant links. Here goes. The

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