UK ISV interested in a half day 1:1 technology review?

Something we have been looking at recently is taking an approach we use frequently with our managed ISVs and make it more broadly available - with a twist. I am speaking of technology reviews - half day 1:1 technical sessions. During a technology review we try to build a detailed picture of how an ISV is currently delivering a solution (strengths, weaknesses, gaps, business drivers, future development plans etc). Once we have a good understanding we begin to explore how Microsoft technologies could help. The goal is to create a roadmap of how (and why and when and where!) the ISV could benefit from exploring and adopting newer technologies and products.

As for the twist. We are planning to write up the technology reviews and publish them in the hope that other ISVs will recognise similarities and hence benefit from the recommendations we made during the review.

Early days but David has completed two write ups and we would very much like your feedback on how useful you find them in this format.

If you would like to be considered for a future technology review, check out the detailed description and pop the team an email with your details.

Comments (2)

  1. Faister says:

    i’m sure ISVs would appreciate 1:1 technical sessions. however, most ISVs are rather sensitive about sharing a tech review of their application. Even if the tech review were to cover the aspect of how Microsoft technologies could help, but this would take away their product’s competitive advantage. Competitors could also keep a close eye on the development. I’d be keen to understand your approach, and learn from you guys.

    ANSWER: All good points – so not for everyone. Will be interesting to see how it works out.

  2. Hi hoongfai,

    This is certainly something that we’ve considered, and companies that attend our sessions are always offered the option to be represented as ‘customer x’, even to the degree that we won’t mention the industry they work in.

    We find mostly that companies are happy to ‘shout to the world’ about the new technologies they’re using, as it’s often this claim that can help close a sale or drive new business. The specific features, licenses and support they offer to their customers are likely to be a lot more market-sensitive, and these are rarely mentioned in our write-ups.

    All write-ups are sent to the company attending before they’re published too, so that nothing slips through the net and causes any problems.

    Thanks for worrying though!


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