Time to "refactor" this blog...and announcing a new UK ISV Technical Blog

Executive summary 🙂

If you are technical within an ISV, subscribe to http://blogs.msdn.com/ukisvdev/

The Detail...

This blog originally started back in July 2004 (wow - 4 years back!) with an initial focus in SQL Server 2005 early adoption for ISVs. It has had a couple of changes of focus since then but has maintained an ISV theme throughout (which matches the fact that I have spent 11 of my 12 years in Microsoft working with ISVs - and they have been fun years!)

As previously posted, on July 1st I switch role from an Application Architect helping UK ISVs explore and adopt the latest technologies to a Developer Evangelist working more broadly with UK developers. One of the steps towards that is to "refactor" this site away from ISVs/Architecture and more towards developers/development. This will mean a spring clean of links, a new visual theme and ultimately - a lot less posts with the word ISV in it. This should happen over the next week or two.

But... we have a lot of UK ISVs (at the last count - 10,000 using Microsoft technology) and in my team we have been deciding how best to support technical folks inside ISVs with the sort of information I have shared through this site but with contributions from across the team.

Out of that was born a new team blog http://blogs.msdn.com/ukisvdev/. It has been live for nearly two months now and is beginning to shape up nicely. The challenge we have is that although we are a team of 9, most are not active bloggers. Thankfully all have plenty they could blog about - and hence it is just about channeling that knowledge into blogs on the new site. I think it will take a little while longer before http://blogs.msdn.com/ukisvdev/ has plenty of good original content - but it is beginning to happen. One to watch for sure.

Now - should I make this site bright red or bright pink? 😉

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