Who stole my pause button?

 Where did the image go?

The last four weeks have been busy - too busy. The good news is those four weeks have been full of good things, interesting things, challenging things, fun things, different things. Unfortunately there has been just too much of it and as a consequence not enough sleep or quiet time to myself. But (fingers Xd) things should now settle down and I am pleased with how it has all worked out and excited about the rest of this year.

Four weeks is also roughly how long since my last blog post - there may be a connection!  Hence you should now also see a steady stream of posts. The good news is I have thought about plenty of things to share through this blog during that period - time to fire up Windows Live Writer and get those thoughts down into text. Enjoy!

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  1. On May 7th (a little over a year ago) I posted "I surrender – I am no longer a developer…".

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