.NET adoption is coming along rather nicely – thanks folks!

2008 has included a number of conversations with ISVs along the lines of

"We are currently Java but we think .NET might be a better choice for us. Can you help?"


"We are currently using old technology X and are considering changing to Java or .NET. Please tell us more about .NET".

Fantastic! I love these conversations as I think we have a really strong story to tell and (so far) it looks like in every case the ISV will indeed select .NET (Eric strokes lucky rabbit foot)

Which leads me to .NET adoption figures. I didn't have to hand any 3rd party stats on .NET adoption vs Java adoption and then a colleague passed on a link to the work carried out end of 2007 by http://www.infotech.com/ and reported in several places.

The headline stuff for me was:

  • Almost half of all enterprises responding to the survey focus primarily on .Net
  • 12 percent focused exclusively on .Net

This compares with

  • Just 20 percent of enterprises focusing primarily on Java
  • And only 3 percent focused exclusively on Java

Thanks folks for all for the great work you are doing with .NET.

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  1. jackbond says:

    Java always did suck as a language, so this comes as no surprise. With all the new features added to .NET 3.5, particularily LINQ, Java is just becoming more and more antiquated. I wonder how Gosling is going to take the news.

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