Blogs never cease to surprise me…

I was just skimming my blog feeds in Feedghost (very nice tool by the way - and now has a great free version) and came across a blog entry by a fellow Microsoftee Clare which included this picture which pops up from time to time.


In 2008 I am working very hard to effectively expand the "middle bit" of this diagram (which seems to have shrunk over the last couple of years) and as I started to ponder this, I began to follow links from the post. I ended up here - Scott Hanselmans post about joining Microsoft back in Sept 2007. I realised that that Scott previously worked for Corillian.

Why was that of interest? Well, Corillian was acquired by CheckFree. CheckFree were acquired by Fiserv. And....drum rolll... I am meeting with Fiserv and CheckFree in the UK later this month/next - and suddenly I had some great background from Scotts posts which I would never have found in a "traditional way".

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