Resources for Windows High Performance Computing

The following resources should help you get up to speed on Windows HPC Server 2008 and high performance computing in general - whether you prefer to read, listen, watch or travel. First up, two events in March.


  • London, March 27th 2008: In the UK we are delivering a one day Jumpstart on Windows HPC Server 2008 in London on March 27. You can register at 
  • New York, March 12th 2008: Microsoft Financial Services Developer Conference with a special focus this year on High Performance Computing. Register here.

Joining the Beta/Installing Windows HPC Server 2008

You will need a 64 bit machine, a 64 bit Windows Server 2008, a C++ compiler and... the Windows HPC Pack (currently Beta 1). To do this you need to sign up to the Beta:

If you are a UK Based ISV then we can probably offer further help:

Please contact me if you are a UK based ISV who is serious about targeting Windows HPC Server 2008. We might be able to offer further help.

Online Content:

The Windows HPC Community Site is a great place to start. But if you prefer to watch and listen, then the HPC Show on Channel9 could be just what you are looking for. It currently includes 4 videos.

We have also very recently created a MSDN Code Snippets area just for HPC (Just the one snippet right now...)

Active Bloggers:

Each with a stack load of great posts and links to further content.

HPC and Financial Services

In the UK we have the Financial Services Grid Initiative which was created to provide a utility platform for financial services companies based upon the use of Grid technologies. Members include hardware vendors, software vendors, customers and system integrators. The site includes a forum, papers and more.

We have an article and Technet Radio recording which looks at Windows HPC and Financial Services.

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