UK Events – Architect Insight Conference and Windows HPC Server

Two UK events that may be of interest to ISVs.

Architect Insight Conference 2008 - April

The Architect Insight Conference 2008 registration site is now open. This is the third year of the conference and this year we move venue from Wales to England. I spoke at and attended the first two (and blogged through the prep for last year). Neither year was perfect, but they both were IMHO very valuable and this was echoed by my ISVs that attended. This year I am not speaking but hope to attend part of day 2.

The conferences is being held on April 28th and 29th with an early bird discount if you register before the 15th of February.

View the Architect Insight Conference 2008 agenda and registration

Please contact me if you are an ISV attending and would like to "say hi" on day two.

Windows HPC Server 2008 Briefing - March

The second event will be of interest to less folks but is great timing if you read my post on Windows HPC Server 2008 and wanted to know some more. This is a jumpstart technical session for IT Pro's and Developers new to Windows HPC Server 2008 but have some familiarity with Compute Cluster Server v1 or other high-performance computing tools.

The briefing takes place in London on March 27th.

View Agenda and register

Currently I plan to attend as well. Please contact me if you are an ISV attending and would like to "say hi"

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