I wonder how deep water needs to be to float a Mercedes Van?

I'm working at home today after a late cancellation by one of my ISVs. I rather like late cancellations - you suddenly "gain a complete day" which in my case I used to:

  • Work through lots of outstanding actions
  • Watch a few technology webcasts on Channel 9 - at 1.5 speed 🙂
  • Take the wife out for a nice brunch in the nearby town of Wells (Which is apparently "Englands smallest Cathedral City")
  • Fight a couple of issues I have after installing the RC of SP1 for Vista (I lost the fight - but in general the SP1 RC has been a good experience for me)
  • Watch the nearby stream become a torrent, burst out and find a new route through our village.

The last of these probably turned out on balance to be the most exciting part of the day as heavy rain has changed the neighbouring fields into mini lakes, streams into rivers and the main A road through the village into a water slide. As for the Van - well, so far it is winning and staying put in close on a foot of water!!! Role on spring...

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