Windows Vista SP1 RC1 – my early experiences

Last week we announced that RC1 of Vista Service Pack 1 was now available broadly to MSDN and Technet subscribers. I decided to give it a whirl as my main notebook has been feeling rather sickly of late (To be fair it is loaded with beta and alpha Microsoft software). The good news – SP1…


UK Partner with an Open XML solution? You could win an Xbox 360

David in my team has been busy being creative and has come up with a nifty little competition for UK partners – with 10 Xbox 360 consoles as prizes. Nice one Dave. You can find more details at or you can contact me direct to find out some more. Enjoy!


Does the MSJVM explode on January 1st?

Back in November I posted a gentle reminder about the end of life of the MSJVM. Since then several ISV have asked me "what actually happens on January 1st?" The short answer is… nothing. Your applications which use the MSJVM will continue to work. The longer (and official) answer is: "Although the MSJVM may still…


Where are the release notes for .NET Framework 3.0 SP1?

In my previous post I talked about where is the redist for Service Pack 1? Whilst looking into this issue for an early adopter, I also struggled to find the release notes for SP1 (and simply refused to help!). Thanks to an internal search I finally came across most of what I was after….


Where is the .NET Framework 3.0 SP1 Redistributable hiding?

The short answer is… it doesn’t exist yet. Thankfully things are not quite as bad as that. There are a couple of approaches an ISV can take if you plan to redistribute the .NET Framework AND you can not rely on Internet connectivity to take advantage of the SP1 bootstrap download. Option 1: If client…


Links for Architect Forum IIS7 Session

Today I delivered an overview of IIS7 at the Architect Forum held at our offices in Reading. I promised I would share a few of the links I mentioned during the session. Main IIS7 site Summary of how are using IIS7 and more recent webcast Request Filtering in IIS7 and the alternative for IIS6/5/4…