Blimey – that was a corking holiday (and 40 isn’t that old)

Had a great time in Yorkshire staying near Scarborough. Every morning (pretty much) we woke up to find our cottage in a cloud and every day we went on to have a great time despite the weather. The only "challenge" - my wife loves the place so much she wants to buy a small cottage in Yorkshire for us to use for "lots of short breaks" while the kids spend the next few years finishing their schooling in the south. Personally I think if we do find such a cottage she may move up there semi-permanent and leave me the two teenagers to cope with 🙂

Oh - and the end of last week I hit 40. I don't feel 40. But apparently I am 40 - my mother confirmed this with a home made card. My knees and back then also confirmed it in their own unique way 🙂

Anyway - nice to be back and on with the blogging... (oh, and the day job of helping ISVs find the good stuff in our latest technologies)

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