The perils of flying

You might have spotted I was in Seattle in July arriving back Sat 28th. It proved to be a fairly uneventful flight back - I even commented at the time that I hadn't budged the whole trip back and it is no wonder folks get DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) in such cramped conditions. Ho hum.

Monday 30th I started to get an ache in my calf.
Tuesday 31st I was up from 4am with a severe ache and had that "hmmmm.... I wonder what DVT feels like moment?" - off to and found a perfect match.
Tuesday 31st I was in the doctors and met with "yes, I suspect you do have DVT, I'll get you along to the hospital this afternoon"
Wednesday 1st (hmmm... a day later) I was in hospital and met with "You should be in a wheel chair, yep you have multiple clots, now let me tell you about rat poison" 🙂
Next few days limping, foot up etc, canceled Spanish holiday last week and instead replaced it with a short, sunny break in Swansea.

Today I woke up without any discomfort for the first time. Yippeee.... Just another couple of months of tablets to go.

And.... if you would like to avoid this, pop along to - 10 minutes well spent if you fly a lot.

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  1. James Snape says:

    Good job it’s not catching, I was only a row ahead of you on the plane….

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