TechReady 5 – over half way through- and I think I get LINQ…

Wed evening and we are now over half way through our Technical Readiness training in Seattle. Overall it has been useful, good fun, invigorating (I don't often use that word in a blog post) and has demonstrated to me just how many smart, enthusiastic and .... importantly, self critical individuals work at Microsoft today.

We have seen some great demos (IMHO not enough - I love to see great demos at these events), had some great insight into the product groups progress on our key deliverables (SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and Windows Server 2008) as well as a very powerful glimpse at what is coming in the next version+1...(yep, my brain hurts at times).

And that brings me to LINQ and my quest to understand it and offer the right advice to my UK ISVs. Today I sat through a great session and then had the opportunity to spend an hour (along with several other eager folks) with Elisa after the session. The end result - I believe I now understand it. I just need to find the time to think it through a bit further, do some more reading and create a post that gets it "spot on".

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