I am part of the problem – I turned off UAC. I feel bad…

I have been using Windows Vista for ....hmmm, a very long time. During that period I have demonstrated User Account Control many times - to mixed reception. Some folks very much welcoming it, others were astonished that we "could inflict such a terrible experience on users". UAC was in some of the Betas very invasive but by the time we shipped UAC rarely popped up on your desktop in day to day work.

Well... this week I have been doing lots of "admin stuff" on my laptop and UAC was really beginning to get to me late one evening. Alas I succumbed to temptation - and switched it off. A sigh of relief and I continued to get my tasks done.  5 days later and it is still off. BUT.... by chance I was perusing Ian Grifiths blog (Ian is a top UK chap on smart client work).

And there it was.... the blog entry that just forced me face up to my actions and feel terribly guilty - UAC: Don't be Part of the Problem.

Ian sums it up rather nicely in this fake screen picture. He also offers some sound advice on living with it as a developer. UAC is now back on. Enough said.Windows Vista UAC configuration UI modified with note: 'It's people like you who brought about UAC in the first place...'

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