When to use LINQ, when not to use LINQ?

One of my goals this week while I am in the US is to get closer to the answer to the above - by attending LINQ sessions, talking to product folks, talking to my colleagues and.... having a good old browse around the internet. The following post from Adam caught my eye. Definitely worth a read along with the links within.


At this point I believe LINQ has lots of potential to become the primary way for developers in ISVs to access relational, xml and other data but not the only way - in other words the question above is very valid to ask as LINQ is not right for everything.

I will post again in a week or so after I have absorbed all the information...

P.S. Good luck Adam with your new software venture

Comments (2)

  1. Thanks Eric!  Looking forward to your post-absorption post. 🙂

  2. Wed evening and we are now over half way through our Technical Readiness training in Seattle. Overall

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