300 or should I say 500

I am in Seattle in the USA attending our twice yearly Technical Readiness conference  - TechReady 5. That would be me and several thousand other folks from Singapore, Poland, China, Germany, USA, Peru etc. On the flight out I had my first taste of BAs on-demand Video system which worked great (after a complete reboot 30minutes into the flight - ho hum...). One movie I watched was 300 - the CGI heavy, stylish rendition of the 300 Spartans who took on 8 million Persians (at least it seemed like 8 million) and only lost by a whisker 🙂

Firstly I had heard bad things about this movie but with good use of fast forward it was actually much better than expected. Secondly - 300 is only a little lower than 500. 500 is (roughly) how many folks at TechReady this week who have been with Microsoft more than 10 years - which includes me. Blimey - that makes me feel old!  

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