Heathrow – wish I had brought my brolly (and a small boat)

On Friday I headed out to the USA for our internal technical readiness conference - TechReady. Which leads me to my trip to Heathrow. This became a 2 hour drive at 50mph in heavy rain throughout the journey, followed by a 20 minute float around Heathrow :-). Parts of the local roads were under a foot of water, parts of the car parks were the same. It was blooming great fun. Even the bus ride was eventful - the water was high enough in places to enter through the doors! I really did feel 10 again - riding my bike deliberately through every puddle I could find. Great fun. The downside - about half the flights out were canceled and we sat on the runway for 90mins waiting for a slot. 10 hours later I landed in Seattle - in the rain 🙂

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