Does Microsoft create amazing technology – you bet it does!

I often get hit with "Microsoft only copies the stuff that other people have already invented". Well - I think there are clear examples of our being second (or third or fourth or...) to market - but I also think we do some great original stuff out of our research centers and within the product groups. I think many of us will have seen Photosynth before - but check out this great video, the best I have seen on our work in this area:

Now tell me we don't do amazing technology... Actually I find it is very dangerous to throw out such challenges on the Internet - but I will anyway 🙂

Oh - and Microsoft Surface isn't too shoddy either 🙂

EDIT - in response to comments along the lines of "nah - you just bought it". Well - I have no direct contacts in this team  - but I'm pretty sure that we didn't just rush out, buy and rebadge. From my skimming it looks very much like it started out as a collaborative piece of work from Microsoft Research and the University of Washington, subsequently mixed with a spot of Sea Dragon which I believe is the acquisition people associate with Photosynth. Check out for some background.


Comments (3)

  1. Ned says:

    I also think MS does amazing stuff but, to be fair Photosynth was started outside of Microsoft. MS acquired the company and most of the developers and it’s now an MS project.

  2. Rob says:

    Ask and ye shall receive.  Your example is flawed.  Microsoft *bought* the existing technology that is Photosynth.  So, no, in this example, Microsoft did not *create* amazing tech, they bought it.  Same goes for a lot of their better apps (like Visio)

    “Good artists copy, great artists buy it and release it as their own innovation”

    That said, I still think the company puts out very *useful* stuff.  I just don’t consider them big innovators.

    ANSWER ERIC: Doh! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  🙂

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