UK ISV Attending Software Architect 2007 June 12th to 14th?

Apologies for the late notice - but if you are a developer or architect working for an ISV in the UK and you happen to be attending this week, then please contact me if you would like to meet up for a chat during one of the breaks. I have spent 11 years in Microsoft UK working with ISVs - and yet there are so many great ISVs I have yet to meet with (and plenty I have lost touch with that would be great to see again).  Especially keen to chat to any Micro-ISVs out there - as it is rare for us to spend time with you guys. Hope you all have a great few days.

EDIT: And thanks for the link someone just sent me on Top 10 tips for Schmoozing :-). I think I'm a great believer in number 7 - Say Hello.

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