FTP and IE 7.0 – top tip

Since I switched to Vista and IE7.0, I have been unable to use IE to access my FTP sites. This has proven to be extremely annoying as my FTP requirements are pretty simple, yet I have been forced to use full blown FTP tools.

Yesterday I had one of those "Blimey - I never noticed that before!" moments.

Try the following:

  • In IE7 enter an FTP site in the address bar and attempt to open it. No luck. Maybe a username/password challenge, but still no luck. (Nb: this will work for some ftp sites - it is all about how FTP is configured at the site)
  • But don't give up, click on Page,Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer.
  • Hey presto it works.

The fact it all works is good news. The fact that it was this tricky to find is very sad...

Comments (2)

  1. Ben L says:

    File browsing should be done by a file browser. I’m glad they removed the ftp functionality of IE.

  2. Fernando Tubio says:

    I also went through roughly the same experience while trying to access a password protected site. I also discovered that you can skip a step by simply opening a Windows Explorer window and entering the site’s address in the address bar (ftp://ftp….). You are then prompted for credentials. I agree that this should be more discoverable.

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